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Knowledge Base

Top 5 Cloud Services FAQs

  • 1. Will a virtual hosted desktop work on my computer?Open or Close
  • 2. Is my data secure in the cloud?Open or Close
  • 3. Will my applications run correctly in the cloud?Open or Close
  • 4. How do I transfer files and print?Open or Close
  • 5. Is my data backed-up? What happens if I lose internet?Open or Close

Top 5 Data Center FAQs

  • 1. Is your Data Center compliant or audited?Open or Close
  • 2. What power options do I have, and are there any limitations?Open or Close
  • 3. What security measures are in place at the Data Center?Open or Close
  • 4. What cabinet space do you offer?Open or Close
  • 5. What cross-connects are available, and how do I order additional?Open or Close

Our Data Center serves
businesses of all sizes.

Our Tier 4 (TIA-942) facility provides reliability
and connectivity like none other in Orlando.

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