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Reliability and connectivity like none other in Orlando.

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Our Tier 4 Data Center provides the best in...

Priority 1 Power Grid with Redundant UPS Power

We provide unrestricted customized AC or DC power served from the hospital electric grid for priority restoration in emergencies, with redundant UPS power and Automatic Transfer Switches for a smooth transition in the event of a commercial power failure.

Our Facility Features:

  • Customized AC & DC PowerOpen or Close

    We can meet your power needs with unlimited customized AC power, delivered from multiple expandable 277/480V, 3 Phase, 1200 AMP services. We can provide A Only feed, or A/B feeds if needed. We also provide redundant carrier-grade DC power (-48v) backed up by our N+1 generator farm.

  • Priority Grid LocationOpen or Close

    We're located on the hospital grid, and as such we benefit from Priority 1 restoration in case of an emergency or loss of power to the area.

  • Redundant UPS PowerOpen or Close

    In the case of a loss of electricity, we're backed up by batteries and powerful emergency generators - providing sufficient power to keep our facilities operational at maximum load. The generator run time before refueling is 60 continuous hours (subject to load), and we have fueling contracts from all directions (north, south, east, west) to ensure timely, non-interrupted refueling.

  • Automatic Transfer SwitchesOpen or Close

    Our Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) ensure a smooth transition between our primary electrical supply and our backup systems in the event of a commercial power failure.

Multi-Tiered Security System with Audit Trail

The Colo Solutions Data Center is annually audited for SOC1 (SSAE16) Type II credentials dictating the strictest of physical security requirements. Access to the Data Center is only granted after multiple dual factor authentication challenge points have been successfully navigated.

Flexible Cabinet Spacing with Custom Options

We provide fully customizable spacing options, along with standard cabinet options with both front and rear access. Our two standard options are full-cabinets (42RU) and 1/3 cabinets (12RU), which can be linked together for scalability. We can also provide caged or custom suites for configurations that require unique spacing.

Full Cabinet :

Dimensions: 84"H x 19"W x 39"D | Racks: 42

Internet: 20Mbps of Tier-1 Internet burstable to 1 Gig

1/3rd Cabinet :

Dimensions: 28"H x 19"W x 36"D | Racks: 12

Internet: 10Mbps of Tier-1 Internet burstable to 1 Gig

Connect to your Carrier of Choice

Connect to the carrier of your choice - on your terms - with access to many Tier 1 carriers, and dual-entry redundant fiber to ensure 24/7 connectivity. We also have exclusive roof rights, if you need roof access.

Looking for reliable, low latency, high-speed DIA, but just don’t have the expertise, time, or budget available? Our Direct Internet Access service is the solution for you. We offer two DIA services to meet every budget:

Bronze DIA Service
  • Single Tier-1 Carrier
  • Cost effective solution
Silver DIA Service
  • Three Tier-1 Carriers multi-homed
  • Colo Solutions’ Managed BGP delivered on Ethernet to customer’s firewall – Customer managed BGP not required
  • Maximum redundancy for always up DIA service


Industry's Best Monitoring with 99.996% uptime

Our monitoring solution from Eaton Powerware is the best in it's class, allowing us and our service vendors to identify potential issues before they become problems. This, combined with our closed-circuit video monitoring provides real-time analysis and reporting.

We monitor power, environmentals, equipment and sub-systems with real-time alarms, 24/7. Our closed-circuit cameras are remotely operated and are backed by digital recordings. Smoke, heat, and fire monitors provide real-time notifications to staff and firefighters before they enter the data center.

Managed Environment to safeguard your equipment

Your equipment is one of your most important assets, so we provide the optimum environment to produce the highest performance. We offer a HVAC redundant design (N+1) which delivers stable cooling efficiency through raised floor space - maintaining ambient relative humidity levels for the best reliability available.

Our data center utilizes hot/cold aisle containment.

We also protect your equipment from fire with integrated smoke. heat and fire detection both above and below the raised floor - and a zoned FM-200 fire suppression system.

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  • 1/3 Locking Cabinet (12 RU)

  • Perfect for growing small businesses.
    This offer is valid for a limited time only, while space is available.

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  •   12 Rack Units (12RU)
  •   10amps 120v Power
  •   10 Mbps of Tier-1 Internet (Burstable to 1 Gig)
  •   UPS to Generator Backup
  •   24/7 priority support
  •   No Installation Fees
  • Full Locking Cabinet (42 RU)

  • The best deal for serious companies.
    This offer is valid for a limited time only, while space is available.

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  •   42 Rack Units (42RU)
  •   20amps 120v Power
  •   20 Mbps of Tier-1 Internet (Burstable to 1 Gig)
  •   UPS to Generator Backup
  •   24/7 priority support
  •   No Installation Fees