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Your software applications,

made always available.

Your business-critical software applications like Quickbooks, Office,
& more available 24/7 for multiple users in the cloud, from any device.

Keep your application data safe in the cloud

Our subscription-based service hosts a specific application on the Colo Solutions cloud allowing authorized users to access it from anywhere on any Internet enabled device - when you need it and where you need it.


Choose to host software you've purchased, legacy software, and even your own application in the cloud - distributing it via web-access on a per seat basis.

You can rest easy knowing that our cloud hosted software includes verified backups, passionate expert 24/7 tech support and worry-free patch/security management.

Access from
any device
Your data is
backed-up daily
Our facility is HIPAA
& PCI compliant
We guarantee
99.996% availability
premium support

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  • Host your applications in the cloud.

    Whether you need to deploy purchased software securely to your users - or your own custom applications - Colo Solutions can get you up and running.

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  •   Your application, our cloud.
  •   Hosted in Tier-4 Data Center
  •   Access on multiple devices
  •   Manage & deploy seats
  •   24/7 priority support